Prepare for an experience that’s truly like none other. Our guaranteed, customized programs will get the results you want.

We are the Mid-South's PREMIERE golf improvement destination! If you're looking for REAL improvement and not just a "quick fix" give us a visit and see why more and more golfers are choosing VJF Golf Academy to improve their game for good!

Golf swings are like fingerprints, no two are alike and the approach to helping improve golf swings should be equally individualized, that's our belief.

Students from around the country and from around the world have experienced our proven system of improving golf swings and lowering scores! A combination of modern technology mixed with time tested proven methods will have your game where you've always wanted it to be!

If you've tried lessons before only to be let down, that's about to change with a visit to our academy.

And Remember: "What you gain from visiting us is important, but its what you do with that acquired knowledge after you leave us that will truly be the measure of your success" - Vince Fratercangelo | Director of Instruction

Here at VJF Golf Academy we offer a wide variety of programs to meet your needs:

  • Private & Semi Private Lessons
  • Clinics
  • Golf Schools
  • Elite Tour Performance Academy
  • Junior Golf Schools
  • Special Programs For High School Teams
  • Corporate Team Building Programs
  • Mobile Service - Yes we bring our academy to you! (contact us for further details)
  • Club Repair Services | Master Club Builder: Pickett Golf LLC

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