With over 22 years in the golf business and having been employed by some of the biggest names in golf management, VJF Golf Management is poised to bring a wealth of experience to your club or course. Chief Operations Adviser (COA), Vince Fratercangelo brings with him an in-depth background that covers private, semi-private, public, municipal, and resort facilities. It is this type of unique understanding of the golf industry that will allow VJF Golf Management to analyze, assess, recommend and implement a “Best Practices” blueprint that will insure success starting from day one.

Like a golf swing, no two swings are alike and our philosophy in the management arena is no different; no two courses/clubs are alike. Every facility has their own strengths and weaknesses and we are committed to developing a targeted, comprehensive, and understandable plan that will deal directly with the most glaring issues. What may provide success for a course in Idaho might not yield the same success for a course in Georgia due to numerous variables which has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.


It all begins with a in-depth look at your areas of operation;

  • Superintendent/Grounds
  • Golf Shop Operations
  • Outside Operations
  • Employee Performance
  • F&B (if applicable)
  • Golf Instruction (do you offer this service?)
  • Banquets (if applicable)
  • Tournament Operations
  • Tee Sheet Management (are you maximizing your tee sheet?)
  • Membership
  • Scheduling
  • Golf Cart Fleet Management
  • Golf Club Repair (do you offer this service?)

In addition to evaluating all areas of operation I will also do a full market analysis regarding demographics, economy of area and player (customer) profile. Once all these areas have been carefully looked at, recommendations can then be made.

With my Long Term or Short Term Management options I can be on site for a week or two, a month or two or however long it may take to get your operation on solid ground. Services also include continued support even after my time on property has concluded. I want you to succeed!

So if you have a golf course or club that has leveled off or worse yet, has started to slip back, don’t wait until it is too late. Give me a call and put VJF Golf to work for you.