Federant Medium

Online lessons are a great way to improve your swing from wherever you are! And here at VJF Golf we are adding a new twist to the online lesson craze. Until now, online lessons have been done by students submitting a video to the instructor who then provides feedback to that video with no real person to person contact. The problem with this format is the potential for a breakdown in communication/interpretation of the lesson. If the students has questions or need clarification it becomes a back and forth exchange of emails (between student and instructor).

Federant Medium

Here at VJF Golf we believe in the personal touch even if you are hundreds of miles away! We want your lesson experience to be "interactive" with an instructor just as if you were on the range in person. Proper prescription for improvement is paramount to your success and understanding the swing/game plan  100% before the lesson concludes is GUARANTEED! Take a lesson today and start improving tomorrow!

Federant Medium

The lesson will be conducted "live" via phone with an instructor. Both you and your professional will be viewing the video (each will have a copy) to reference throughout the lesson. You'll be free to ask questions, get clarification if need be and be 100% comfortable with the lesson plan provided to you before the lessons ends GUARANTEED!  We encourage you to take notes, ask questions and even voice record the lesson should you so desire!

To get started follow these steps below & let's get you playing better golf!

1. Purchase lesson below.

2. Record your swing (or have a friend record) from 2 angles. Make sure you get full view of entire swing.  If you're having trouble with your overall swing, record using a 7 iron. If your having an issue with a specific club, record using that club.

3. E-mail your video or video link to vjfgolf@inbox.com. Be sure to include name, best contact number, and a brief summary of any issues you may be having with your swing.

4. Wait to get confirmation that we received your video.

5. To book your lesson visit our "Lesson Options-Rates" page & book on line or call 901.598.0346

6. On the scheduled day and time we will call you to conduct your lesson (lessons length approx. 30-40 min)

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