Dr. Yelena L. | Cordova, TN

Thank you so much for today's golf lesson, you are an amazing teacher! Getting myself on the right track is invaluable and you've been so instrumental in that process. And I like how each lesson you add a building block to the swing. I like a fundamental approach.   


David H. | Olive Branch, MS

Your golf lessons this month have helped out greatly. Increased my G.I.R (greens in regulation) from 25% to over 50%. Shot a 79 at Fair Oaks GC.


Gordon C. | Ontario, Canada

Thanks for your patience, encouragement and excellent coaching at the golf school. My swing has definitely improved. Up until recently my scores were in the low 90's high 80's. The other day I had the highlight of my career with an 82! I may have finally overcome the mental part of the game. There are now a lot of people here who think you're a miracle worker and interested in attending the golf school.


Mike C. | Lakeland, TN

I do not believe that their is a better golf instructor........my wife and I just love him!


Michael G. | New York, NY

I just want to add to your growing endorsement of satisfied students. The lessons I have learned through your instruction have been invaluable to a point that I’m playing the best golf I’ve played, lowering my handicap from a 14 down to a 10 which may go into the single digits soon.


Joseph C. | Wilmington, DE

I’ve been taking lessons on and off for about 6 years but wasn’t showing any real signs of significant improvement. However, upon visiting Vince for the first time, almost immediately I began to see an improvement in my game. I’m 64 and never thought I could hit the ball as straight and as far as he has me hitting it!


Gloria A. | Hartford, CT

Thanks so much for your great teaching, infinite patience and enthusiasm! I now have things to work on that I know will help me improve. Can’t wait to get practicing!


James Q. | Philadelphia, PA

Vince has a rare blend of personal friendliness and professionalism. In my 15 years of playing golf (I’m a 12 handicap) I have had instruction from 7 different golf professionals and I regard Vince as the best from whom I have had lessons. His ability to communicate and inter-personally connect is exceptional. I genuinely feel Vince is as enthusiastic about my game improvement as I am.


Donna G. | Bristol, CT.

Thank you for a wonderful golf school experience you created for my son Jon G. and his three friends. The experience was truly a highlight of the kids’ summer and not only helped improve their golf skills significantly, but also instilled, what I believe, will be a life long love of the game.

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